These activities are promoted by setting the specific target values to reduce CO2 emission that is the cause of global warming.
Examples of activities  
Adoption of energy conservation facilities Adequate temperature control of air conditioners
Electrical power saving (lighting control)  

These activities promote effective utilization of resources and improvement of recycling toward the realization of a recycling society.
Examples of activities  
Control of gateways of resources Complete control of separated collection
Activity toward zero emission  

These activities promote total abolition and reduction of use of chemical materials that affect the environment.
Examples of activities  
Recognition of current usage Review and implementation of alternate materials

These activities are promoted through participation in community events and landscaping activities to achieve good coordination with local community.
Examples of activities  
Landscaping activities for environment around the plants
Patrol of environment around the plants
Environmental preservation training (held annually in the environmental month of June)
Regular check of operational status by internal audits and external examination
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