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Business Information

Since its founding, Aoyama Seisakusho has continuously pioneered in the field of fastening technology. By integrating the core fastener technologies developed over the years in the automotive industry, we strive to create new products which solve the total fastening needs of our customers.
We have built a world-class reputation by grasping new automotive technologies and production line needs, and contributing to the advancement of global mobility through proven technologies and new product development.
Aoyama's "Fastening Engineering": Encompassing the ability to propose unique and attractive products.

Executive Management

 (as of April 1, 2024)

Chairman Yoshimitsu Aoyama
President Yukiyoshi Aoyama(CEO&President) CEO&President
Executive Vice President Jingo Ohashi(Corporate Planning, Quality Assurance, General Administration, Information Technology) Corporate Planning, Quality Assurance, General Administration, Information Technology
Senior Managing Director Yasumi Morita(Special Assignment)
Motohiro Ido(COO of Aoyama USA, IAF)
Goro Aoyama(Overseas Plant Management, Manufacturing, Human Resources Development)
Special Assignment
COO of Aoyama USA, IAF
Overseas Plant Management, Manufacturing, Human Resources Development
Director Shoichi Goto(Electric/Electronic Parts)
Yoshihiro Murase(Research & Development)
Hirohisa Kajita(Sales & Marketing)
Electric/Electronic Parts
Research & Development
Sales & Marketing
Audit & Supervisory Board Member Yoshio Sugiyama
Kenichi Yamauchi
Adviser Heisaburo Hidaka
Operating Officer Yoshikazu Uchiyama(CRO Corporate Social Responsibility)
Atsuhiko Asano(Purchasing)
Naoki Yasue(COO of Aoyama China, AFS)
Osamu Hattori(Production Control)
Kenya Komizu(EVP of Aoyama USA, IAF)
Yukinori Fujimoto(COO of Aoyama Czech Republic, ACZ)
CRO Corporate Social Responsibility
COO of Aoyama China, AFS
Production Control
EVP of Aoyama USA, IAF
COO of Aoyama Czech Republic, ACZ