Company Information

Basic Principles


Aoyama Precepts“Trust is achieved through Creativity,
Sincerity, and Human Harmony. ”

We are given the opportunity to do business as a member of each local community.
Wherever we operate, we endeavor to work in unison with the respective local communities, while respecting the regional cultures and practices.

The Society That Surrounds Us The Society That Surrounds Us


Our Ideal Vision“Promoting the Happiness of Four Critical Groups”

  1. 1Seller’s Happiness: A company possessing a strong, lean management organizational structure.
  2. 2Buyer’s Happiness: A company that earns the satisfaction and trust of its customers.
  3. 3Society’s Happiness: A company operating in harmony with society.
  4. 4Team Members’ Happiness: A company driven by engaged team members.
    (Leveraging the maximum strength of both individual creativity and teamwork.)

There is an old Japanese saying, “Success in business comes from the happiness of three parties: the seller, the buyer, and society.” Aoyama has added a fourth party: “Our team members″.