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Health and Safety Initiatives

Health and Safety Philosophy

Aoyama Seisakusho strives to continuously implement activities which reduce risks to occupational health and safety, so our employees may conduct their work in a healthy, positive manner.

Health and Safety Policy

  1. 1We place the highest priority on health and safety measures to ensure employees remain healthy, and that they have the high level of energy needed to succeed in their work.
  2. 2Ours is a workplace in which employees not only follow, but also collectively enforce, the safety measures.
  3. 3Our "Safety First" mindset fosters a workplace where employees are neither the victims nor the cause of injury.
  4. 4Aoyama Seisakusho supports employees' own efforts to actively improve their mental and physical health.

Aoyama Seisakusho's Declaration of Health

Aoyama Seisakusho believes that, under the philosophy of "respect for human dignity", maintaining employees' good mental and physical health leads to both their satisfaction at work, and, in turn, increased company performance. As a "Good Corporate Citizen", Aoyama empowers each employee to take responsibility for their own "health management". Our commitment is to grow together with those in our regions of operation, enabling our employees to demonstrate their talents, with the objective of "making all stakeholders happy".

  1. 1Employee health and safety is a corporate social responsibility, and Aoyama will place this responsibility above all others in its business dealings.
  2. 2In order for our employees to sustain good spirits, with healthy minds and bodies, Aoyama will continuously maintain and improve a pleasant work environment.
  3. 3Aoyama, in cooperation with healthcare and insurance providers, is supporting employee health management and improvement, thus promoting their mental and physical well-being.

May 28, 2020
Aoyama Seisakusho Co., Ltd.
President & COO
Yukiyoshi Aoyama

Yukiyoshi Aoyama