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Environmental Initiatives

Environmental Policy (ISO 14001 Certification)

Our environmental policy below is based on the condition that environmental sustainability is a critical component of our managerial action plan.

  1. 1Within the environmentally-sensitive automotive industry, Aoyama is implementing production methods that can eliminate the wasteful use of resources and energy, and is also providing fastener products which reduce environmental impact in and of themselves.
  2. 2Aoyama is working to reduce the output of waste material, and prevent environmental pollution, by establishing an environment management system. This system predicts and evaluates the impact of corporate activities on the environment, establishes an environmental purpose and objective, and implements appropriate environmental protection and continuous improvement measures.
  3. 3As a good corporate citizen, Aoyama strives to grow with the local community by following all environmental laws, regulations and ordinances, responding to the requests of local residents and customers, and working toward the overall protection of the environment.
  4. 4Through the environmental sustainability education given to our employees, Aoyama has established a corporate culture where everybody can take action consciously and responsibly fo protect the environment.