CSR Information

Our CSR Policy

By fulfilling our social responsibilities, we aim to be a reliable company that is continuously trusted by society.

Basic Policy

As a "Good Corporate Citizen,"

While abiding by all laws and regulations, Aoyama Seisakusho strives to grow alongside our local communities, and always respect the cultures in which we operate.
We seek continuous business growth, while placing the utmost importance on "mutual reliance" and "mutual trust" with our stakeholders.


Ensuring a Healthy
and Safe Workplace

We place the highest priority on health and safety, and provide a workplace in which the occurrence of injury is prevented, and where employees may conduct their work without worrying about the risk of injury.


Ensuring Environmental Sustainability

Our environmental policy is based upon the condition that environmental sustainability is a critical component of our managerial action plan.


Supporting Society
and Local Communities

Whether in Japan or globally--wherever we conduct our business--we will respect the local customs and cultures, and seek mutual growth as members of our communities.