Company Information

Message from Our President

Our company provides value--not only to our customers, but to society and its individual members--through the field of automotive fastening.

Yukiyoshi Aoyama,


Our company manufactures and sells automotive fasteners (mainly bolts and nuts). In November 2020, we celebrated our 70th year in business. We greatly appreciate both the warm support and guidance provided by our customers and stakeholders.

Aoyama Global Vision

The fasteners we provide may not have a very conspicuous existence, but they are absolutely essential components in all kinds of products—most notably the automobile. Performing an often unseen yet essential role, we endeavor to work hand-in-hand with our customers in the automotive industry to further the evolution of the automobile. We also seek to contribute to various other industries of the world to forge a sustainable future.
We will strive to provide products of increasingly high quality, using even greater technology, and incremental continuous improvements.

Our Four Areas of Focus

We have identified four areas of focus to solidify our position as a fastening authority. With these areas always in mind, we pledge to our customers our ongoing commitment to propose new fastener products that serve them with added value and new possibilities.  

  • 1Fastening Engineering
    (Product Development and Technological Advancement)

    Without the fastener, assembly of a vehicle would not be possible. And, accompanying the evolution of manufacturing itself, there is endless demand for fastener innovation. By considering what our customers currently need, as well as the applications in which customers use fasteners, we are able to provide proactive, progressive proposals, translating into physical form the solutions which customers may or may not explicitly tell us they need. We continue to introduce appealing new independently-designed products, leveraging fastening engineering, fundamental research, and elemental technology development.

  • 2The manufacturing plant is our salesperson
    (Trust in Aoyama starts with seeing our plants.)

    The phrase, “The manufacturing plant is our salesperson” reflects each team member’s sincere mindset that they are serving the customer, and also the intention to grow the unwavering trust of all stakeholders, starting with our customers, in our daily manufacturing work. Thanks to successive, meaningful kaizen activity, when the customer visits our plant, and sees it with his own eyes, he is able to say confidently, “I can rely on the products being shipped from this plant.”

  • 3Global Operation
    (A network of operations capable of supplying parts to our customers the world over)

    Accompanying the global expansion of our domestic Japanese customers, and in order to practice manufacturing-based customer-centric thought and action, we also increased our production locations one-by-one. Using the experience we have accumulated as the foundation, we will continue to build an organization which leverages the resources in each region, and also responds quickly and precisely to the ever-changing needs of our customers.

  • 4Good Corporate Citizen
    (Respect the local cultures, and make progress together.)

    We are given the opportunity to do business as a member of each local community. Wherever we operate, we endeavor to work in unison with the respective local communities, while respecting the regional cultures and practices.